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Thoughts On Board Member Duties

May 03, 2024 by Andy R. Terrel

Last weekend I was working at the concession stand. I’m a board member of the local recreation baseball league and the assigned team to work the stand didn’t show up. For those new to the economics of kid sports, the concession stand is where flexible spending comes from …

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A Personal Apology to Jeremy Howard and the Community

Nov 01, 2020 by Andy R. Terrel

I, Andy R. Terrel, issue a personal apology to Jeremy Howard and the Community for the handling of the JupyterCon 2020 Code of Conduct reports. As the ranking board member on the NumFOCUS Code of Conduct Enforcement Committee (COCEC), it was my duty to oversee a fair process and that …

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Personal history of NumFOCUS

Jun 14, 2016 by Andy R. Terrel

NumFOCUS logo

A NumFOCUS History: Sustaining Open Source Scientific Codes

After a few of the last board meetings and discussions on board votes, I’ve been pondering a number of questions. Questions about who is NumFOCUS and why we exist. Where we are going and what problems in the world we would …

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Diversity at SciPy2014

Jul 17, 2014 by Andy R. Terrel

SciPy2014 logo

SciPy2014 is over, but there is so much more to do. I expect to be reviving my blog with a set of prose on my experience. Today I want to talk about a topic that was dear to my heart when I started this blog, diversity in the scientific python …

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Joining the Big Data Brain Drain

Nov 21, 2013 by Andy R. Terrel

21 Gun Salute

So long academia and thanks for all the debates!

Today is my last day of a wonderful three years at the University of Texas at Austin. Starting Monday, following Jake Vanderplas' terminology, I join the big data brain drain. I will be joining Continuum Analytics a their Chief Computational Scientist …

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NumPy SciPy Benchmarks

Jul 07, 2013 by Andy R. Terrel

At PyCon2013, a group of about 30 developers got together to discuss NumPy and SciPy. The room mostly included folks that use NumPy and SciPy extensively, such as myself, a few who were just learning, and several core contributors (if not currently in the past), such as Eric Jones, Travis …

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SciPy2013 Recap

Jul 05, 2013 by Andy R. Terrel

It's been a week since the end of SciPy2013, where I was co-chair, and I'm just now catching my breath. It was an amazing event with so many innovative and forward looking trends that I won't be able to give them enough credence, ever. When I took on the role …

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Participate at SciPy2013

Apr 24, 2013 by Andy R. Terrel

The early registration deadline is rapidly approaching for SciPy2013, and all our decisions on speakers are out. This year was really tough as we had more submission than ever at a quality that exceeded all my expectations. If you submitted something and haven't heard from us, let me know.

If …

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Usefulness of a University

Apr 08, 2013 by Andy R. Terrel

The post reiterating that the biggest problem in teaching software carpentry (SWC) is installation, got me all in a tissy. I even signed up for their mailing list!

My first impression with SWC was a wonderful community that in encouraging folks to learn computing skills. After witnessing the TeachScheme movement …

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A Rule of Software on Usabilty

Nov 01, 2012 by Andy R. Terrel

Make your software useful. That is the point without usefulness there is no need for existence.

If you write a function that is not useful, scrub it from your text editors as not to offend the blessed pixels. Do not fear throwing away non-useful parts of your code, better to …

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